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Fully interactive Science computer based Biology, Chemistry, Physics tutorial programs written by Australian teachers. Science Tutorials cover years 11 and year 12 for Australian students

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year 11 & year 12 sciences summary page
Year 11 & year 12 Sciences Overview

Biology, Chemistry, Physics - Year 11 & year 12 Sciences Overview

Our panel identified the following particular problems for science:

  • Concepts are too hard to grasp at a first hearing.
  • Tasks are analytical and require development of new skills.
  • Vocabulary is new and confusing.
  • No time to go over the same lesson again in school.
  • Students have difficulty identifying which concepts relate to a particular problem or field of study.

The aim of the science module is to:

  • provide a solid back-up to class-room learning throughout the year;
  • give Australian students in-depth knowledge of scientific and mathematical principles;
  • guide students through the syllabus so that they can prepare for exams with confidence;
  • identify knowledge gaps and work on improving those areas;
  • provide a revision system for major exams;
  • assist students to catch-up on work missed; and
  • allow brighter students to forge ahead.

Written to syllabus:

Students do not have a clear overall view of what they have to learn. Because students receive the work day by day, and some text books may also cover material which is off syllabus, it is very hard for the average student to know what he or she needs to know for the exam. Using the science module, the student can work through each Unit of Study from beginning to end and be sure of covering all the relevant material.

Year 11 & 12 Chemistry

science chemistry
Chemistry is concerned with the physical and chemical properties of substances, the nature of matter, and the study of chemical reactions and processes. This course is intended to provide students with a balanced perspective of chemical science which will enable them to understand and interpret the chemistry of their surroundings and appreciate the impact of chemical knowledge and technology on society.

The course attempts to provide a balance between useful facts, important concepts and theories. Concepts and theories are introduced to facilitate an understanding of the properties of substances, reactions and processes.

Students can use the software throughout the year to reinforce class-work or for exam revision. As just one per cent in the exam can decide whether you get into the course of your choice, the Science module can provide the strategy to boost up your marks and your career options.

Year 11 & 12 Physics

science physics
Physics is one of the most challenging subjects taught in school because it combines science with mathematics. However, it is one of the subjects which attracts extra TER marks, so it is popular with students attempting entry into Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy or Engineering, all of which require top scores for tertiary entrance.

Not much Physics is covered prior to year 11, so students can feel overwhelmed and bewildered. This course lays particular emphasis on the Key Knowledge for each outcome and on using the Physical Laws and Formulae to solve exam-style problems.

Year 11 and 12 Biology

Biology doesn’t require any mathematics but it does involve acquiring a very extensive vocabulary and the development of new concepts and ideas. Biology is the study of living organisms and the reactions between organisms and their environments. And, of course, choosing Biology as a course can help the student to make informed decisions about healthy living as it covers the nature of infection and disease and how our bodily organs work.

Our biology programs have been used extensively in universities as revision for first year nursing students, being highly recommended by their lecturers.
Science subjects present special difficulties to students because there are many complex concepts to learn and understand in a very short period of time. Unfamiliarity with the vocabulary is also a major problem in biology and can leave students totally confused about what they need to know. We designed the programs to help students keep pace with the work throughout the year and to revise with confidence before the exam.

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Science really helps you to understand what you didn’t understand in school.

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year 11 & year 12 sciences summary page
year 11 & year 12 sciences summary page
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