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Fully interactive Year Grade 6 Math, English computer tutorial programs written by Australian teachers. Math, English, and science Tutorials which cover grade year 6 for Australian students

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What makes Maths Wiz superior to any other program?

Guidance from our tutors

Knowing that their work is being monitored by a tutor, and that a goal is being set by someone outside the home, encourages students to use the tutoring program on a regular basis.

Also, our tutoring staff can pick up on students who are not working in a productive manner, such as guessing instead of studying, working at a curriculum level which is too demanding, struggling to achieve or idling and give them the guidance that they need.

It's really easy to send reports to the tutors. You just click a button on the menu and all of your children's reports will be sent to our secure web-server.


The Maths Wiz program is tailored to each state's curriculum so everything your child learns at school can be revised at home. Our dedicated team of teachers writes the program to syllabus so the content is relevant and up-to-date. This allows your child to build a solid foundation of knowledge so that they are prepared when it comes time for tests. There is very little time in the classroom to revise key topics so it's reassuring to know that Maths Wiz allows your child to do just that in the comfort of your home.

Maths Wiz also has Achievement tests for each chapter and year level and also includes sample State Numeracy Tests for the AIMS test or BST.

Interactive Lessons

Every lesson has interactive maths problems, which is a tremendously powerful feature. Having questions on the computer rather than printed worksheets makes the program interactive and fun. It also means that the student is immediately corrected and can go on to get the next problem right - thus gaining confidence all the time.

Random number games

Beat-the-clock challenge games, with unlimited random numbers, help kids get up to speed with mental arithmetic. Addition, substraction and multiplication are basic maths skills, just like spelling is for English. The 'warm-up' games in Maths Wiz are designed to make the student compute numbers without consciously thinking about it.

Assistance for beginner readers

Beginner readers can click the sound icon to hear the lessons and questions read out. The computer even talks to you, to tell you the right answer!

No Gaps!

This is a structured course, so students should progress through from the top to the bottom of each unit. Maths requires a lot of practice, so using the program makes sure that everything required for school is practiced and absorbed. The program marks and corrects immediately so your child knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Australian made for Australian kids, so you can be sure your child is supported throughout their schooling.

Maths Fun Sum

Making sure that you are ready for secondary school

In school, only the top students are expected to complete the primary maths course with thorough understanding. In fact, many go up to secondary school having only done a portion of the Upper Primary course. This means they are very unprepared to cope with high school, and this can result in a serious lack of self-esteem.

Maths Wiz students can go up to high school with confidence because they have learned and understood the mathematical principles that that they need to know.

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Maths primary summary
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