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Fully interactive Math, English computer tutorial programs written by Australian teachers. Math, English cover year 9 for Australian students

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year 9 maths summary
Year 9 Maths Tutorial Overview

Year 9 Maths Tutorial Overview

Going up into High School can be really scary. Making new friends, finding your way around, learning how to use text-books and lots more homework can be a real challenge. So your children need all the help you can give them.
Maths Wiz is a structured course, written especially for Australian school children. This means that your child is learning exactly what is needed to achieve success in school.
We know that not all children are learning maths at the same pace. So we do an assessment to find out exactly where your child should start and make sure that we provide you with the right programs.

Building a strong foundation

Building Strong Maths Foundation
Learning maths is like building a wall with building bricks of knowledge. If some of these bricks are left out the wall will crumble in that the student loses confidence and starts guessing. So it is really important to choose a program that thoroughly supports what is taught in Australian schools.
Most importantly, Maths Wiz and English Wiz offers complete year 11 and 12 courses written to your State Curriculum. This is vital, because it gives the student the whole picture. So you can be completely prepared for exams and assessment tasks. Students using Maths Wiz and English Wiz have achieved outstanding ENTER scores.

Guidance from our tutor

Maths Monitoring
Knowing that their work is being monitored by a tutor, and that a goal is being set by someone outside the home, encourages students to use the tutoring program on a regular basis.
Also, the tutoring staff can pick up on students who are not working in a productive manner such as guessing instead of studying, working at a curriculum level which is too demanding, struggling to achieve or not doing much at all and give them the guidance they need.
It's really easy to send reports to the tutors. You just mouse a button on the menu and copies of all your children's reports will upload to the secure web-server.

Revision or catch up work

Maths Revision or Catch up work
"Level 4" in Maths Wiz is the work that is supposed to be completed and thoroughly understood by the time a student has finished Primary School. It is an Advanced Upper Primary course, and is not always fully covered in primary school. Students who do not master these topics, may get left behind and never make good progress in maths. We find that our students develop their understanding very quickly and are able to progress and catch-up on the "Level" program, so that they are thoroughly prepared for more advanced work in school..

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Year 9 school curriculum

Maths Level 4 Lesson Sample
Maths Wiz is Australian made for Australian kids, so you can be sure that your child is supported throughout their schooling. "Level 5" Maths Wiz supports the first two years of secondary school. Also it is essential revision for year 9 and 10 students. At this level students have to learn how to solve a maths problem and start on new topics, such as "algebra". In secondary maths, you must learn how to write out your workings properly, in order to achieve good grades in maths.
"Level 6" Maths Wiz is the advanced secondary school work and should be achieved before commencing Year 11. This is more challenging work, and students need to understand algebra really well. In school, this is the level of achievement required to be selected for the more demanding Year 11 and 12 Maths courses such as VCE Maths Methods in Victoria, HSC Maths in New South Wales, or Senior Maths B in Queensland.

Working with Maths Wiz

Tutorials are engaging and easy to understand and every lesson has a set of questions to reinforce learning. These questions are randomly picked from a pool of suitable questions, specially designed by our tutors and computer programmers.

Instant Feedback

Maths Report Sample
Each question is immediately marked by the computer so that the student is never stuck. Much better than school homework, where if you can't do the first question, you tend to give up.

Problem solving - Maths Wiz holds your hand and guides you through.

Maths phone tutor
In the high school maths lessons, the questions aren't quick questions - they have several steps of workings. Every question in any lesson has a full explanation as well as a full solution. This appears one step at a time, just like a tutor prompting you. If you still don't understand after trying out the solution steps, you can phone the homework helpline and the friendly tutors will guide you.


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Homework Help-lines

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  • Maths Telephone tutor
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  • Parent Helpline for discusing educational needs
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Maths Wiz really helps you to understand what you didn’t understand in school.

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